Bryce Jardine is a compelling songwriter with an engaging voice that invites you in with its subtleness and cool, dark delivery of highly crafted lyrics.” - Hawksley Workman


September 30th, 2023 Release!

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The story behind Bloody Harlan   

While on a songwriting retreat in Banff, Alberta, I watched a PBS documentary series about Harlan, Kentucky, and its coal-mining history. For most of the 1930s, Harlan was the location of an ongoing battle between the coal miners’ union organizers and coal company owners. The conflict escalated to deadly gunfights between deputies assigned to protect strike breakers, and the unionizers. In many cases, union men were beaten, their homes burned or riddled with bullets. Since the coal companies provided homes…

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The story behind Out Of My Depth   

Out Of My Depth was inspired by a lifelong love between my mother-in-law, Mary Ann, and her ex-husband, Bob. It was an unconventional love story that I had the privilege to witness a glimpse of near its end. Their companionship began at a college bar in London, Ontario, developed quickly into a romance, then marriage, and the birth of a son, Hamilton. The close kinship lasted long after their divorce until Bob passed away from cancer, Mary Ann at his bedside. 

We all know the traditional arc of love stories…

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Song Story Blog: Since You've Come Along  

Three years ago in February, the pandemic hit North America, as we all know too well. Before the virus went global, it seemed distant to me, like a storm surge breaking on far away shores. When it hit home in Ontario, the exponential spread was obvious. This thing was a tidal wave capable of crossing oceans and flooding continents around the globe.

My niece Emma was born as the first cases of covid 19 were being reported where I live in Toronto. Masking at the hospital was optional at that time, and there…

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Bryce Jardine is an independent Canadian singer-songwriter, producer, and recording artist. Jardine's songs are lyrically dense with evocative, poetic imagery, driven by genre-bending, folk-rock arrangements that build to the emotional levels reminiscent of a cinematic musical score. Every song tells a story.

The new tunes on 'This Much To Lose,' would not have been possible to record and release without the talented contributions from these heavy hitters.

Brad Kilpatrick (Co-Producer, Drums, Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer, and Bass on Since You've Come Along and This Much To Lose)

Nathan Gray (Electric Guitar and Pedal Steel)

Alan Zemaitis (Piano and Organ)

Kieran Brent (Album Artwork and Promo Photography)

Gavin Gardiner (Mastering Engineer)

Also, a big thank you to Erik Bleich for his website design skills.

Last but not least the fine folks of Palace Sound for providing a wonderful environment to record in.

Much gratitude to you all! -Bryce.